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From April 2006, the Building Regulations Approved Document Part L1A requires sample testing on most new residential developments whether or not the are of robust design. JTEC Environmental provide a range of services that will prove invaluable in enabling builders achieve cost effective compliance.

Air Tightness Testing


The requirements of Part L are a vital part of the Government’s strategy towards achieving the UK’s carbon emissions reduction targets. Air leakage accounts for a large proportion of the energy wasted in buildings - the more draughty a building is, the more costly it is to heat.


Fault Finding
If a building should fail its air permeability test, the priority becomes to find the locations where leakage is taking place. The three main fault diagnosis techniques are:

Full Building Smoke Testing

Smoke generators fill the building with theatrical smoke. The building is pressurised and smoke appears externally where the leaks occur.

Localised Smoke Testing

The building is depressurised and then handheld smoke puffers are used to identify where the leaks occur.

Thermal Imaging

If there is a great enough temperature difference between inside and outside the building, a thermal imaging camera can be used to detect localised warm or cold spots around areas of air egress or ingress.